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Depression can start at any age from any challenging experience or chemical imbalance. Like a garbage-picker-upper tool, it can have us associate every experience and memory with a negative connotation. Universal joys, such as hanging out with friends, the exhilaration of a concert crowd, or reliable seltzer water appear insipid and devoid of meaning. The disconnect can be monotonously painful.

Pharmaceutical interventions, multitude of medications, temporary respite, efficiency wanes, dose adjustments and exacerbating anguish. Unwelcome side effects of weight gain and diminished libido compounds emotional distress, further hampering the ability to connect with others.

Despite my efforts to seek solace in talk and trauma therapy, the primary hurdle I faced was the need to address and alleviate the overwhelming burden of my depression. And having found that Medication can proved ineffective for some, turning to pursue a more potent solution.

©2023 René Chandler

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